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Melbourne Guitar Makers Fesival

The festival was a great success again this year  and ill post up soom pics soon.

Welcome to Tim Kill Custom Guitars

At the age of sixteen and with a deep love of music, Tim's self-taught career commenced with the manufacture and repair of guitars. Soon after, he was fortunate enough to work with renowned Australian luthiers James and Merv Cargill. His work restoring, building and repairing classical stringed instruments in Ben Puglisi's Melbourne workshop still continues to this day. For over 15 years now, Tim has procured a vast array of skills in his craft. His dedication and experience has enabled him to produce an exceptional standard of handcrafted instruments under his own name, Tim Kill Custom.

This site guides you through the wide range of instruments and options available.

Please feel free to contact Tim for any further details.


The Balvenie Craft Bar this 11-14 Nov
Written by Tim Kill   
Saturday, 09 November 2013 01:32

Its been awhile sence ive posted on my site and a lot has been going on . The Melbourne guitar makers festival was a great hit and ill have some pictures up soon  ,things have been super busy in the workshop with custom orders, which is great to see.
Heres a quick cut and paste from the Balvenie Craft Bar project im invoved with . head on down and check it out if your in Melbourne there will be some great acts playing some of my instruments throught the 11th to the 14th of this month.

Your budget may not always stretch to incredible single malt whiskies, but in November the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and Speyside's Balvenie Distillery are hosting a pop-up at Zenith Interiors where you can taste a dram or two. They are teaming up with local craftspeople to showcase why somethings are just better when they are made by hand. On display will be the bar and stonework of Kris and Tim Torma, Cinnamon Lee's metal work, Tim Kill and his mad luthier skills, Ruth Allen's glassware, Nick Haddow's artisan cheeses and the designs of Brad Nicholls. That's right, you've got stonemasons, carpenters, designers, cheesemakers, glassblowers, metal workers and a freaking luthier to have a chat to while you get a taste for some seriously high-class whisky. The first half of a week never looked so good.


Madagascar Ebony Score
Written by Tim Kill   
Saturday, 09 February 2013 23:08

Well its not every day you get a call from a stranger to say  I've got a shed full of old Ebony come and have a look . Not a bad score for 20 plus year old Ebony for only a few hundred bucks !  The Timber gods must be on my side this year.

IMG 0892

Back Stage Happy Snap !
Written by Tim Kill   
Saturday, 24 November 2012 03:05

Great to catch up with Xavier Rudd and Yeshe while they were on tour around OZ.  Ive got some nice photo's coming from yeshe so ill post them up as soon i get my hands on them.


Vintage Motorcyles
Written by Tim Kill   
Monday, 13 August 2012 09:46

Now, if anyone knows me well,  they know I have a healthy obsession with old motorcycles. Now, this post has nothing to do with guitars but never the less I thought I would share to all. Recently, my daughter and i made front cover of Greasy Culture  Magazine, a great little magazine out of London, for all things two wheeled and crazy! Check it out at

So, if anyone out there has any old bikes or crusty parts kinking around, I'm always happy to barter work in return for old iron!  Just ask.



Harry Manx and Yeshe drop by !
Written by Tim Kill   
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 03:51

It was great to catch up with Harry Manx and Yeshe over the weekend. They both dropped over for lunch and we got to hang out in the workshop and talk shop,  It's always a pleasure hanging out with Harry and Yeshe I always walk away feeling inspired and re-centered, they both just seems to have this infectious vibe that you cant help taking on board. Yeshe told us that he has picked up the Xavier Rudd support which is coming up and looks like to be a monster tour.  So be sure to check that out and catch Yeshe. We both got talking about a possible collaboration on a custom Kamele Ngoni which is going to be quite the challenge I think. Harry is heading back home soon and mentioned heading back into the studio, so keep your ears out !

Here's a quick pic of Harry getting loose in the workshop !






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